Sailing! Let yourself be driven by the wind – once in a gliding, then in a rush – ing way. Once you are in harmony with the elements, then you are fighting them. Sailing hard to the wind, exhilarated by speed, or slowly drifting over glassy waters. Sailing! In all its shapes and colours, with reason and with feeling. Sailing! The Dehler 29.

To build a yacht like the Dehler 29, you have to be a sailor to the bone. Your first thought after waking up and your last one before falling asleep must be dedicated to this wonderful sport – only then you are obsessed enough to fine-tune every detail to perfection. Our passion for building the perfect yacht is based on clear values. The Dehler 29 represents these values and thus reflects our enthusiasm for true boat building artistry. Immerse yourself in the value world of Dehler.



 Beam overall

2.95 m


1.8 – 1.22 m


3.7 – 3.9 t

 Water Tank

100 L

 Fuel Tank

60 L

 Standard Engine

12 HP

 Total Sail Area

43.1 m2

 Main sail

26 m2


17 m2

 CE Category

B – 6 / C -6


judel / vrojlik & co