Power all your winches with just one winch handle! Ewincher is the easiest way to power your winches.

 It includes a lot of features that will help you with all your manoeuvers:

 3 operating modes: electric mode, manual mode, combined mode.

Two speeds of the winch + variable speed: Use the two speeds of your winch by simply reversing Ewincher’s rotation and precisely control your manoeuver with Ewincher’s variable speed (from 15 up to 85 rpm with motor up to 145 rpm in combine mode).

Powerful: torque of 80Nm (32kg on the grip), 400 electric Watts.

Removable 24V li-ion battery: gives you at least 1 day of cruising (for boats up to 45 feet). Charging time: 1h30 with 12V or 220V (charger and inverter included).

Torque limiter: safely set up a torque limit to avoid any risk of damaging your boat or injuring yourself.

Suits all boats up to 55 feet, no installation needed, plug and play solution.

Easy to handle: low weight (2.2kg), features a locking system into the winch. Delivered with a custom made winch handle pocket.

Waterproof for ocean sprays and rainfalls: IPX6 certified.

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