Freedom emotionally designed



Elegant, prominent lines are what make the design of Hanse so unique. The new Hanse 548 carries on this tradition perfectly. The aerodynamic, elongated deck and the eye-catching details harmoniously combine a confident style with sporty elegance.


Measuring the performance of the Hanse 548 with the velocity predicition program VPP produces stunning figures: This yacht sets benchmarks in transforming the energy of the wind into sailing speed with utmost efficiency.


16.22 m

5.05 m


2.8 – 2.2 m


19.0 – 19.8 t

 Water Tank

770 L

 Fuel Tank
520 L
 Standard Engine

110 HP

 Total Sail Area

138 m2

 Main sail

80.5 m2

 Self-tacking jib

57.5 m2

 CE Category

A – 12 ocean


judel / vrojlik & co