Enjoyment without limits

Fast, easy sailing. In style, with an elegant design. And an impressive area at the bow specially created for the owner. The HANSE 418 sets new standards. Enjoy unlimited pleasure and turn every moment on board, on every voyage, into an unforgettable experience.

With HANSE, you have a progressive yacht that makes a statement. Technical innovations and quality in every detail are just as much part of the HANSE 418 as are an emotional design and comfortable atmosphere of wellbeing. Each detail is a subtle expression of superior design. The well-orchestrated ensemble of advanced technology and its integration is the highest art of yacht design at HANSE – and what drives us to create the perfect yacht.


12.4 m

4.17 m

2.1 – 1.74 m


10.15 – 10.41 t

 Water Tank

475 L

 Fuel Tank
160 L  
 Standard Engine

39 HP

 Total Sail Area

87 m2

 Main sail

52.5 m2

 Self-tacking jib

34.5 m2

 CE Category

A – 10


judel / vrojlik & co