Love the adventure

Live your own adventure. Here is a yacht crafted for endless bluewater sailing, far from any coast. Explore beyond the horizon and discover tranquil bays and limpid waters. Anything is possible with the HANSE 508. Her modern design is a clear statement. And her performance, one of the best in her class, will thrill sailors to the core. Make your mark below by selecting from our meticulously chosen finishes for an effortlessly stylish, comfortable interior. Through a range of smart customisation options, the HANSE 508 is flexible enough to fit into anyone’s lifestyle. Let yourself be inspired by elegant perfection.

The ideal combination of sunlight and lighting effects to accentuate the ambience. The optical interplay of fine fabrics and elegant furnishing surfaces. The intelligent use of space thanks to movable interior elements. The chance to customise like no other with ten layout options below deck. The HANSE 508 defines modern living over a length of 50 feet.

15.55 m

4.75 m


2.40 – 1.98 m


14.70 – 15.10 t

 Water Tank
630 L
 Fuel Tank

280 L

 Standard Engine

80 HP

 Total Sail Area

118 m2

 Main sail

66.5 m2

 Self-tacking jib

51.5 m2

 CE Category

A – 12


judel / vrojlik & co